The Full Story

The Jones brothers - Lesmoore, Locksley, and Lloyd - opened A Taste Of Jamaica in June of 2017 to share their culture with Hampton Roads, an area where Jamaican restaurants are limited. Since then, the brothers and their culinary staff have served hundreds of customers arriving from across the seven cities in search of authentic Jamaican cuisine.


A small Jamaican Restaurateur who has always envisioned opening a Jamaican restaurant here in the U.S. started to cook Jamaican meals out of his own home and sell to co-workers then started a Jamaican day which he did once per year from his home. Lesmoore is now proud to offer authentic Jamaican meals to the community at large.


Jamaican businessman who was very excited about the idea of opening a Jamaican Restaurant and jumped at the opportunity of lending his knowledge and expertise to bring this passion to reality.


Retired Navy Chief of 24 years who always wanted to share the real authentic taste of his island Jamaica high quality ingredients with this nation which offers many opportunities for all who are willing to work hard and succeed. Thus, when his brothers brought up the idea for a restaurant, it was an easy decision.